Protecting Americans Against Moving Scams TM


AMACP’s mission is to educate and protect over 40 million Americans who move each year from hidden fees, moving scams and rogue operators. AMACP.org grades businesses that provide moving services, based on history, complaints, and reviews. We empower consumers to reward good business practices, whilst helping individuals avoiding rogue or unlicensed operators. AMACP believes that American consumers are best served, when businesses are accountable and operate with integrity and transparency.

Industry News:

Industry News: AMACP works tirelessly to supply the most up to date information available in the industry. Some of the communications services provided by AMACP include Industry News, Consumer Protection Bulletins, and Public Service Announcements to keep businesses and consumers informed and protected. AMACP has strategic partnerships with key public information and consumer protection media providers including Moving Guardian and United Business Media Group, united by a common goal of educating and safeguarding more consumers.

Certified AMACP members and “A Rated” Premium Member moving services have the opportunity to share their news, promotions and services on our industry news communications. Special discounts and offerings geared towards seniors, students and members of the armed forces will be automatically given a higher profile. Find out more about AMACP Membership and AMACP Certification today.

Business Listings & Ratings:

Moving companies and services listed on AMACP’s Business Listings & Ratings, will not only be rated by AMACP, but their profiles will also link to their company profile on Moving Guardian’s moving review site as well as their Better Business Bureau Rating. Find out more about Joining The AMACP and AMACP Certification today.

Hidden Moving Fees:

AMACP’s “Hidden Moving Fees” guide blows the whistle on tactics moving services may employ, to tack on additional fees to your move or relocation. This is especially true when moving companies secure jobs from brokers, or lead sites. Consumers should be cautious on divulging personal information to such sites, because moving services may be inclined to recoup fees paid to secure the job through hidden moving fees.

Avoiding Moving Scams:

AMACP has compiled a list of the 10 most common moving scams, along with moving tips on how to avoid them. Consumers and businesses who utilize our resources significantly reduce the chance of falling victim to a moving scam and can make big savings on their move or relocation.