The American Moving Association for Consumer Protection is an independent non-profit institution, founded by individuals with solid industry experience, with the aim of offering protection to the 40 million Americans who move home each year.

The organization is dedicated to the supply of accurate and unbiased information and ratings on moving service providers and a robust certification process to identify those companies who meet our stringent standards of integrity, transparency and service.

The AMACP is driven by the needs of the consumers who use moving service providers, rather than the providers themselves. The organization seeks to connect the consumer with the companies who can be trusted and to blow the whistle on rogue operators.

Consumer Information

AMACP provides free information on Avoiding Moving Scams, Hidden Fees and other questionable business practices found in the industry. The AMACP rating system is at the core of our efforts; the system enables a thorough evaluation and comparison of moving companies.

In addition to free moving guides and news bulletins, AMACP has produced a series of helpful free tools to support the consumer in their selection and management of moving companies. These include a Moving Checklist and Searchable Moving Provider Ratings Database.

Company Ratings & Certification

AMACP reviews information from many reliable sources when compiling its rating for a company on its database, including publications, membership organizations and our own records.

We evaluate 15 different assessment factors from the company’s history, customer ratings, reviews and any specific complaints made against it before finalizing our score.

In addition, the best moving companies can apply to become AMACP certified. Certification is an indicator recognizing the highest levels of achievement in service quality and delivery.

AMACP Offers:

  • Industry news
  • Whistle blowing on rogue operators
  • Industry Newsletter
  • Consumer warnings and information
  • Robust certification process
  • Promotion of good moving service providers
  • Moving guides and checklists
  • A database of moving service providers & their ratings


AMACP is funded through a combination of administration fees and advertising revenue; funds received by AMACP are diverted back into promoting its aims and objectives or expanding the range of services and information supplied to the consumer.