What does AMACP Certification do? AMACP Certification allows you to publically align your business with other “best in class” moving firms, automatically conveying credibility and facilitating customer confidence. If you feel your business deserves consideration, talk to us about Becoming a Certified Member today.

What’s the bottom line business benefit? Certification will help to improve profitability; Moving Certified Members secure more business and achieve substantially more revenue than their competitors. Also AMACP actively markets your business to 40 million Americans each year on its website and other major industry portals, so you don’t have to spend so much on advertising. Ready to make bigger profits by being the best you can be? Apply for Certified Member Status Here.

How do I get my firm certified? Only moving service providers who meet the American Moving Association for Consumer Protection’s requirements listed below can apply. Once successfully accredited you will gain access to special benefits and privileges including:

amacp An exclusive AMACP Certified Shield, for easy customer recognition to use on your web site and marketing material
amacp-website The prominent certified shield will also be placed alongside your business listing on the AMACP website
customer-service Certification serves as a testament to your company’s dedication to honesty, integrity, transparency and customer service

American Moving Association for Consumer Protection’s Requirements for AMACP Certification:

  • Moving Guardian Certified
  • Rated A With The AMACP
  • Member Of AMACP’s Dispute Resolution Program
  • Featured on America’s Best Movers Directory
  • Rated A or Better With The Better Business

Does your company fit the bill? We want to hear from you; Apply to Be a Certified Member Now.

What benefits do I get when I become AMACP Certified?

retailer You’ll receive exclusive member discounts and offers from Corporate Retailers.
 amacp-small Your business will stand out amongst the competition, with an exclusive AMACP Certified Shield.
certificate-small You’ll receive a special business listing reserved only for AMACP Certified Members.
mg It’s a fact; Moving Certified Members secure more business and achieve substantially more revenue than competitors who are not AMACP Certified.
industry-partner Attain visibility to over 40 million Americans moving each year through an exclusive listing, national exposure and esteemed recognition on industry web sites, including Moving Guardian and other industry partners.
distribute Distribute a free news release on AMACP News, Moving Guardian News, and other industry parties, putting your business successes in front of 40 million Americans moving each year.
professionalism Avoid ever having customers doubt your integrity, professionalism or customer service.
generate Generate a substantial increase in revenue without paying for expensive moving leads.
furtune-500 Certified companies are featured, highlighted, and marketed to Fortune 500 companies
certification-_small Certifications add credibility among consumers and industry partners, including legitimate moving review sites.

If this sounds like it’d benefit your business and you want to find out more or begin the process to become a Certified Member, Get In Touch and we’ll be happy to help.