Dispute Resolution Program

How does it work?

Disputes can be initiated by consumers or moving companies and AMACP’s role is to act as an impartial arbitrator and mediator. AMACP’s dispute resolution program enables businesses and consumers to reach a solution that addresses the complaint or issue concerned. AMACP’s mediation attempts are thoroughly documented, enabling parties to display good faith, and reach terms of agreement.

Moving service providers who enroll in AMACP’s dispute resolution program typically receive better feedback from consumers, thereby enhancing or maintaining their company rating.

AMACP’s dispute resolution program has helped thousands of consumers and businesses, without the high cost of mediation services or the costlier alternative of going to court.

Benefits of Joining AMACP’s Dispute Resolution Program:

  • Manage your company reputation online
  • Spend less time defending your company reputation
  • Prevent customer service issues, rather than respond to complaints
  • Maintain or improve your business rating from AMACP
  • Avoid negative ratings on industry sites & search engines

AMACP’s Dispute Resolution Program Fee

One Time Complaint Resolution $149
Annual Dispute Resolution Progroam Enrollment: $ 299


One Time Resolution
Annual Membership Enrollment

The AMACP makes the results of its dispute resolution publicly available in the business rating section with the belief that such transparency helps build trust and confidence in the quality and fairness of our resolution services.