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The AMACP exists to protect consumers from rogue moving service providers and poor business practices. We have a robust dispute resolution process, designed to settle complaints and obtain satisfactory resolutions. If you feel you have a genuine complaint against a moving service provider, we can help you in the following ways:

  • Fully investigate the complaint
  • Make investigation findings publically available
  • Recoup our modest administration costs from the party at fault
  • Share complaint and investigation findings with key industry bodies
  • Support you through the execution of the settlement terms to see they are fulfilled
  • Mediate a mutually agreeable settlement of the complaint between the company and yourself

Moving companies are actively encourages to sign up to our dispute resolution service as a way of proactively managing their reputation in the market place and indicating their integrity to consumers. More details on how companies can participate in our dispute resolution service can be found here.

When to file a complaint:

  • You are dissatisfied with the quotation procedure of a moving company
  • You have been inadequately compensated for loss or breakage during a move
  • You have cause to believe a moving company is acting in a way that is negligent
  • You have received a sub-standard level of customer care from a moving company
  • You’re unhappy with the quality of service you received from your moving service provider
  • You have been unable to obtain the basic assurances and information required for a successful move as outlined in the AMACP’s moving guide
  • You perceive the advertising or sales messages of a moving company to be misleading or otherwise inaccurate
  • You have been a victim of hidden charges during your move or other poor business practices outlined in the AMACP’s Avoiding Moving Scams guide

If you want the AMACP to act on your behalf in resolving a dispute with a moving company and endeavour to recoup any losses sustained, contact us today.

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