Hidden Moving Fees

Hidden Moving Fees:

AMACP lifts the lid on hidden moving fees and helps you avoid unexpected mounting costs associated with your next move or relocation. Hidden moving charges are not best practice, but many moving companies still impose these fees, so be on your guard, no matter how nice the company seems. Only trust verifiable ratings and recommendations from people you trust as well as research reputable moving review sites, such as Moving Guardian.

Hidden Moving Fees: Packing

  • Packing charges may not be detailed in the initial quote. Moving companies may mention that they will pack a certain number of boxes for free, but almost always hide extra cost, which can be very costly (sometimes thousands of dollars!) AMACP’s top tip: Watch out for crating fees which are charges relating to improvised or specialised custom packing of fragile items.
  • Beware charges for specialist packaging and “custom crating” which may not be necessary as these add to hidden moving fees.
  • Before committing to retain a moving service provider, request a guarantee of no hidden moving fees and make sure that all costs are clearly listed.
  • Moving companies may attempt to make modifications to the original contract to slip in hidden moving charges. Be wary of any last minute paperwork and read it carefully.

Charges That Should Be Detailed In A Quote To Avoid Hidden Moving Fees:

  • Company Shuttle Policy – Most big moves (especially over long distances) are made in 53-foot trucks. If your new property is inaccessible for a vehicle of this size, you may be liable for a shuttle fee, which should be agreed upfront.
  • Stair Carry Charges – Moving companies should be transparent about how many flights of stairs are included in the fee (but many aren’t which leads to hidden moving charges); it is crucial that you check how many your property has in advance (don’t guess, be sure unless you fancy paying $150 a flight for your mistake!).
  • Fuel Surcharges – These should be disclosed in advance if they exist but many moving companies wait until the day of the move to disclose this fee, so you should ask the question when you get a quote. This fee varies by company and can add anywhere from 5% to 18% to the total moving or relocation cost.
  • Long Carry Charge Disclosure Policy – Long carry charges are typically disclosed in the same contract as that which includes the mover’s shuttle fee. If the truck cannot park directly in front of the building, long carry charges may be added. The first 100-150 feet are usually free, but some companies charge between $50-150 for every additional 100 feet.
  • Crating Charges – Crating is improvised packing for the moving of fragile items, including pieces of art, TVs, pool tables, etc. Crating can cost you thousands of dollars making it one of the most serious areas of hidden moving fees.
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