MG Pledges to Save Consumers $1 Billion in 2012

Moving Guardian, a new website featuring moving company reviews and tips at, has announced its goal to help consumers save $1 billion in 2012.

Serving as a resource for both national and international moving, Moving Guardian enables homeowners to save up to 50% on their moving or relocation expenses. “In the past year alone, Moving Guardian has saved between $200 and $500 million dollars in consumer expenses, and as our moving reviews and resources continue to develop, our service becomes all the more effective.

Our moving blog and site serve to educate homeowners in avoiding common scams, discovering hidden fees, and planning for a cost-effective move,” said Rafael Harel, CEO of the moving help website.

Among the website’s most helpful resources, Moving Guardian features a list of moving tips to help consumers protect themselves from scams. Homeowners are encouraged to avoid moving companies that ask for security deposits upfront; charge by the cubic foot; require cash or money-order payments; or offer moving estimates without visiting a space in person, Harel notes. To protect themselves down the line, consumers should also insist on that all agreements be put in writing.

In addition to specific moving tips, Moving Guardian encourages homeowners to thoroughly research prospective moving companies and take nothing at face value. Consumers should not take a state license as a sign of credibility, Harel advises, and should avoid biased review sites with only positive moving company ratings. For accurate moving reviews, Harel recommends that consumers look into each service’s Better Business Bureau rating, a feature that Moving Guardian includes in all of its listings.

While helping consumers avoid scams, Moving Guardian also offers practical moving tips for homeowners looking to save money throughout the moving process. The site advises consumers to consider expenses of all kinds when drawing up a moving budget, including the cost of labor, packing materials, gas, and hotel accommodations; when appropriate, Harel notes, homeowners should book hotel rooms in advance or try to stay with friends to cut down on costs.

“Our comprehensive moving help index includes moving-saving tips that most consumers wind up learning the hard way. We encourage visitors to find practical ways to cut down on expenses, such as picking up their moving boxes for free or turning everyday items like blankets and towels into packing materials, and to hold on to their receipts for later tax deductions,” Harel said. To learn more about Moving Guardian, visit or call 877-613-1140