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Below, you will find a helpful schedule of things you’ll need to prepare for over the next two months in preparation for your move or relocation. Follow this simple list and you’ll be sure to have a far easier time when moving day finally arrives.

Eight Weeks To Moving Day

This is the time to make some tough decisions, take this opportunity to go through all of your items and decide what you want to keep and what you are willing to part with. You could give anything you don’t need to charity or hold a yard sale and make a few dollars towards the cost of your packing materials.

Choose whether you want to do your own packing or whether you are going to have your moving company do it for you. Be aware that moving company insurance only covers loss or breakage of items they have packed themselves.

If you have school-age children, make sure you’ve arranged for any records to be transferred.

Six Weeks To Moving Day

Notify the post office that you are moving and complete a change of address form. You can complete this form online to save time.

Make a list of everyone that you need to notify you are moving and let them know. (Make sure you cover all angles from your utility companies to TV providers, friends etc.)

Haven’t held your yard sale yet? You want to start making some space ASAP, so organise this now.

Begin using any frozen or perishable food you still have so it doesn’t go to waste.

If you haven’t done so already, now would be a good time to start a file for all your moving documents. Use it to keep all your documents and receipts in one place for future reference.

Begin packing all the things you use the least (or get rid of them if you can’t see when you’d use them). Make sure you clearly label everything and if you have items of value, you should think about taking out some extra insurance to cover loss or damage.

If your move means you’ll have to change doctors then now is the time to make arrangements to have your medical records transferred to your new medical practice.

Two Weeks To Moving Day

Re-evaluate your initial plans and if anything has changed, then make sure you let those concerned know.

Have you arranged with your job that you can take off the time you need to move? Better let the right people know now if you haven’t already.

Don’t forget to notify your bank and credit card or loan providers of your change of address and if you have anything stored in a safe-deposit box, this is a great time to remove it.

Call your moving company and reconfirm your moving date with them.

Have you thought about your pets? Do you have a suitable transporter or travel cage? Make sure you have plenty of food and water to hand for the trip and for when you arrive at your new home. If you’re not moving out of the area, it might be a good idea to arrange for your pet to be kennelled or stay with a friend for the duration of the move.

If you are travelling any great distance, it’s probably better that you give away any house plants that you might have as they are unlikely to survive the trip.

One Week To Moving Day

You need to start to pack your travelling clothes. Begin filling your suitcase with everything you will need for the trip so you don’t have to worry about it closer to the moving date or accidentally store something you may need.

If you take a regular prescription medication, make sure you have an adequate supply to cover your move and the period immediately afterwards.

Two Days To Moving Day

If you have commissioned your moving company to complete your packing, make sure you let them know if anything is particularly fragile. If you are packing for yourselves, aim to have everything packed and ready to go the day before the move, in case you have to deal with any unexpected problems on moving day.

Go through all your cabinets, closets and any storage areas to make sure you’ve left nothing behind. Don’t forget to check basement and attic spaces as well as any outbuildings or storage areas that may have been forgotten.

Defrost your freezer and eat/give away any remaining food.

Moving Day

While your chosen moving company should have lots of experience in orchestrating a successful move, it’s still your responsibility to oversee the process, so stay on the premises and supervise. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind if you think things aren’t being handled correctly.

Read through the Bill of Lading from your moving company. If everything is in order, sign it, but don’t be afraid to ask questions and challenge the company if you don’t understand something or something looks amiss.

Double check with your truck driver that they have the correct delivery address, including zip code.

Do a final check of your house. Make sure that everything that should be turned off has been, including gas and water. Lock all the doors and windows and give your old house keys to your realtor if needed.

Delivery Day

Make sure all your utilities are turned on.

Make sure you are at the house on time for when the delivery truck shows up.

Supervise the unloading and if anything is obviously broken, bring it to the attention of the supervisor. Take pictures of any damage, if needed.

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