Rating Factors

Business ratings issued by the AMACP are based on a number of rating factors, many of which are public information including moving reviews, operating history, consumer complaints, as well as information received directly, either from consumers or consumer protection affiliates.

Below you’ll find an explanation of the rating factors and advice on what companies can do to enhance their rating score.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau examines eight different areas when assessing a company for accreditation. Establishing trust in the marketplace is the first area and evidence is taken from your relationship with BBB, the consumer population (you need to maintain a B rating or above with them) and fulfilling your official obligations regarding licensing.

The next three areas are all related, covering honest advertising, truthful representation of services and transparency in business conduct; BBB will look for evidence that you have been straight in your dealings with consumers from initial contact with your marketing through to service delivery.

Honoring promises through meeting your contractual obligations is the fifth area, being responsive to communications (from consumers and BBB) is the sixth area and safeguarding customer data and privacy is the seventh area. Finally BBB take a holistic look to see whether the business embodies integrity; if you have met the other criteria above it is very likely that you will meet their standards here.

Moving Guardian’s America’s Best Movers Directory

Moving Guardian’s America’s Best Movers Directory requires a solid reputation for integrity, transparency and quality service. Moving Guardian requires all moving company employees to be professionally trained and for the company to maintain an ethical approach to doing business.

Much of this is verified through consumer reviews on Moving Guardian’s moving review site. Additionally, moving companies are also required to possess an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau before they can join the directory.

Other essentials requirements for joining Moving Guardian include:

  • Companies must charge on a flat rate or weight basis only to join. This means the carrier cannot charge by ‘cubic feet’.
  • Companies must exceed the Federal Minimum Liability of $.60 per pound and provide additional coverage with every move or relocation. The minimum liability stands at $5,000 for moves consisting of up to 3 bedrooms and $8,000 for a move/relocation consisting of 3 bedrooms or more.
  • Companies offering interstate or international service must provide weight slips pre-pickup and post- pickup, confirming the total weight of the move/relocation.
  • Companies should normally settle claims within 60 days or less from delivery


Reviews from credible sites are a huge contributor to your AMACP rating. The platforms reviewed by the AMACP are equipped with sophisticated technology and systems to verify the authenticity of the review so it is essential that you play it straight when obtaining reviews.

There are lots of things you can do to help your business rating improve, for instance sending each customer an email requesting their review be posted on the three key platforms will increase the number of reviews you receive. You should also include links to the exact place to enter the review and remind them that they can say the same thing on each platform to save time. Don’t be afraid to ask as people don’t necessarily remember to do this unprompted in the upheaval of the move.

AMACP and its partner sites have security measures in place to prevent fraud and to ensure authentic reviews made by real consumers, including IP Verification, Job Number identification and more. If you feel you have been the victim of unfair reviews, our dispute resolution service can help you restore your online reputation.

Complaint History

The best way to avoid a questionable complaint history is to deliver a great service that doesn’t give cause for complaints in the first place. If you have received a complaint you can reduce the impact in the following ways:

  • Respond to the consumer and the intermediary (BBB, Moving Guardian or AMACP) promptly
  • Act in good faith in pursuit of a resolution
  • Follow through on agreed solutions
  • Our dispute resolution service can help you resolve complaints quickly and effectively

What can I do to help my AMACP rating?

  • Get your customers to review you on credible sites
  • Respond quickly & effectively to complaints
  • Become AMACP Certified
  • Become Moving Guardian Certified
  • Join Moving Guardian Moving Review Site

What can I do to help my AMACP rating?

AMACP Certification is a tough industry standard that is difficult to achieve as it assesses so many different sources of information and requires several other supporting memberships and accreditations. However, because the assessment criteria are so comprehensive, achieving accreditation will add even more value to your “A” rating.

In order to be certified a moving company must be:

  • Rated A with the AMACP
  • Moving Guardian Certified
  • Featured on America’s Best Movers Directory
  • Member of AMACP’s Dispute Resolution Program
  • Rated A or Better With The Better Business Bureau