AMACP’s Business Rating System

Business Ratings issued by the AMACP.org are based on a number of factors, many of which are public information including moving reviews, operating history, consumer complaints, as well as information received directly, either from consumers or consumer protection affiliates.

We aim to best serve the 40 million Americans who move home each year by compiling and providing the single most comprehensive review of a moving company available. Business Ratings are issued to protect consumers from hidden fees, moving scams, and rogue or unlicensed operators.

AMACP ratings are not a guarantee of a business’ reliability or performance. The AMACP recommends that consumers consider a business’ grade in addition to all other available information about the business.


Benefits of AMACP’s Rating Program:

  • Contributes to avoiding costly moving scams
  • Minimizes the risk of paying hidden moving fees
  • Increases awareness of the merit of your business
  • Reduces the stress of time consuming research. (AMACP does the work)
  • Provides industry risk analysis, helping consumers make an informed decision
  • Helps consumers to reward good business practices, while avoiding rogue operators
  • Increases incentive for companies to value honesty, integrity professionalism and customer service
  • Encourages moving service providers to increase ratings, through integrity, professionalism and customer service
AMACP Internal Rating Factors:


AMACP’s ratings are based partially on information in AMACP files with respect to the following factors:


Business’ complaint history

The AMACP rating score takes into account the following information:

  • The severity of the complaints filed
  • The number of complaints filed with AMACP against the company
  • The speed and nature of the response to the complaint by the company
  • The successful resolution or extent of effort to achieve a resolution undertaken by the company
  • The effort expended by the company to resolve the underlying issues that prompted the complaint/s

Time in business.

Some weight is given to time in business when assessing and rating a moving service company, however positive feedback will outweigh and negate the impact of any negative score ascribed to a business because of its shorter time in business.

Proof of Federal & State Licensing, Including Operating Insurance.

A company’s AMACP rating may be affected if:

  • AMACP does not have basic background information on the company. AMACP routinely requests background information on its members. While companies are under no legal obligation to provide AMACP with information, the failure to do so may lead to a reduction in rating as we are not able to verify its credentials.

Failure to honor commitments to the AMACP.

A moving company’s rating will be lowered if:

  • Business does not honor its commitments in relation to agreements made by the AMACP dispute resolution program, including commitments to abide by mediation settlement or arbitration award.
  • AMACP revoked the business’ AMACP Certification due to business’ failure to comply with its commitment to follow AMACP accreditation standards.

Licensing and government actions known to AMACP.

Licensing and government actions known to AMACP.

  • Failure of the provider to have required competency licensing (i.e. licensing that requires a competency assessment or can be taken away based on misconduct by business).
  • Government actions against the business that relate to its activities that raise questions about the company’s ethics or its reliability in providing moving products and services.
AMACP External Rating Factors:

The following information available from reputable third party publishers and consumer organizations will form part of AMACP’s rating of a moving company.

  • Member Of The Better Business Bureau
  • Member of Moving Guardian’s Moving Review Site
  • Member Of MG’s America’s Best Movers Directory
  • Business Complaint History: MG Review Site, Better Business Bureau
  • Ratings & Review Analysis On Yelp, YP.com, BBB, MG Moving Review Site